Men and Women of Faith

One day we will get to heaven and we will meet the many grand and beautiful saints whom we read about in the Bible. These are men and women whose stories of faith leave us in awe. We can hardly picture ourselves hugging the likes of Abraham, Daniel, Rahab (wow!), or Paul, among countless others.

(We will also reunite with all the other saints who have gone on ahead. I personally know of a lovely lady who died a few years ago, whom I can hardly wait to meet in heaven!)

But, although these Biblical saints awe us with their exploits, the truly remarkable thing is that they lived and walked on this earth as ordinary people like you and me. There was nothing extraordinary about their earthly lives, certainly not in the sense we are tempted to imagine when we read their incredible accounts.

On the day I got saved, as they were praying over me the strange thought came to my mind that I would hear the roar of thunder and see intense flashes of lightning, and that every kind of earth-shaking event was about to take place. In other words, I had this deep conviction that something extraordinary would happen right then. I have no idea where that impression came from but it was there, clear as day. Well, when I finally opened my eyes nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. Everything was as it had been before I closed my eyes. Only, the guys who surrounded me seemed extremely happy!

But I did come to learn later that all this ‘seismic activity’ that I had seen in my mind did actually take place in the spirit realm at the very instant they prayed, and that at that very moment I was changed.

Likewise, we read about the battles of faith that the saints of old fought, and we wonder with amazement whether these happenigs really did occur. Some are just too fantastic! The answer is, yes, all the events we read about in the Bible were real. Everything we read of did happen. But the point is: it all happened in the spirit. Whether the results manifested physically or not is immaterial. All the victories we read of in the Bible were won in the spirit, by the power of the Holy Spirit. No Biblical event should ever be interpreted as a purely human experience.

Otherwise, we could never explain the incredible exploits of these men and women as recorded in the Bible. They were spiritual exploits. (Absolutely no man could slay eight hundred men with a spear all by himself, as one of David’s mighty men did  – unless he was enabled by the Holy Spirit 2 Sam. 23:8.)

The saints of old knew God’s ways. They aligned their lives with His will and achieved great victories.

There is much extraordinary activity taking place in the spirit today, probably more than anything that happened in Biblical days. It is inconceivable that in a generation as evil as ours God is not looking for men and women who will do mighty exploits in the spirit. May the Lord help us to know His ways.

There is, however, a wrong perception today among born-again believers about the Church’s true calling, and it is preventing the Church from walking in true spiritual victory. For example, born-again believers have been led to believe that God does not wish them to experience the slightest bit of trouble in this world. Moreover, believers are taught that God’s promises are for our material, financial and physical well-being.

It is a lie to teach God’s people that it is through such experiences that we get know God. Believers are being led to look out for the flesh!

Little wonder, then that the lines are blurred between what is holy and what is not, a sure sign of defeat within the Body of Christ. Today, for example, there is greater incidence of divorce (and re-marriage) within the Church than in any other generation, and such issues are being viewed with an increasingly tolerant eye. The Bible is being interpreted according to our emotions and fleshly whims!

The Biblical saints were considerate of God’s will in the spirit but gave out the flesh to be tormented, the classic example being Jesus Christ Himself (Heb. 10:5). Let their faith be our example to follow. We, too, like them, are called to achieve extraordinary deeds in the spirit. And, just as they awe us with their faith, they too are looking to us, in our daily ordinary lives, to awe them with our faith.


One thought on “Men and Women of Faith

  1. Very true, my friend. I believe all you have written. In my deepest sorrow, God’s voice pushes through and I know without doubt that one day I will be rejoined with my son. Meanwhile, my emotions seem to be battling with my soul on some days. My heart knows so much more than my brain. Our flesh battles our soul ..and so continues a spiritual war that only the Spirit will win. When I was baptized at around the age of twelve, I don’t know what I actually expected but I know I felt a sense of “right” and that I was “cleansed” by Jesus. My son was baptized at the age of seven and my belief is that God knew he would be leaving “early” so He called my son to Him at an early age. In all of his trials, he knew the power of prayer. Often he would ask me to pray for him.

    Our world has tolerated itself into “blurring the boundaries” for certain. I have many beliefs as to why that is and won’t burden your eyes with a long list. We are in a time of chaos and unbelief. You remind us to “be examples to follow” and that we can also “achieve extraordinary deeds in the spirit”….I so want to be that person who can do this. Have a blessed day/night, sweet brother-in-Christ.

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