The Holy Spirit is Grieving

Jer_9:1  “Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!”

I now know that all the men and women whom God ever called to Him were men and women of tears. When I say ‘I now know’ that means there was a time when I did not know that. In fact, it has taken me a long time to really appreciate this truth. I have come to know that the Spirit of God is a grieving Spirit. God has nothing to rejoice about in this world. On the contrary, there is much, much to grieve Him, particularly in the days we are living in, and especially within the Church itself.

Some years back, there emerged a wave called “laughing in the presence of the Lord.” I remember participating in one such event. True, we laughed our heads off, but to be honest I felt nothing in my heart. I went home feeling empty and used. These are the kinds of strange, crazy doctrines that the Church today has allowed itself to accommodate!

But no, Sir. That kind of spirit never was, and never will be the Spirit of God. These are demonic doctrines brought in by the enemy to weaken the Church.

Nothing much is written about the Apostle Paul on the topic, but I realize that he also was a man of many tears. When Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that  “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake”, I believe it was no laughing matter. It was a breaking experience and it was accomplished with much tears on his part. Of necessity he had to constantly be on his knees, so that he could conclude: “for when I am weak, then am I strong.”

In my humble experience I have come to discover the only place to really meet God is when the tears are flowing from my eyes. Even in the most mundane of my experiences with God I always know it when the Holy Spirit is visiting me. My eyes fill with tears, and immediately I know He is there. I can just be standing somewhere, and all of a sudden I feel my eyes burning, and I have to quickly make sure I am alone because I know He is there and He needs my attention. And when the Holy Spirit wants your attention you need to be alone because no one else will understand what is going on. One time, many years ago, a lady invited us to dinner in her house, and there was a song playing there, and I just began crying. I was naïve, of course, and I should have known better. But I sat there shaking like a rattlebox; and the pastor who was the senior member of our team began laughing and said, “What is this stupid fellow doing?”

When I got saved I was a final year university student. I remember clearly whenever we entered the chapel for a service, even before the service began I would sit down and begin crying silently, the presence of God was so pervasive.

If there is one thing I can thank my God for today, it is that the tears have not dried from my eyes. The day they dry I know I will be a dead man. The one moment when I know without a doubt that “I am weak, but He is strong in me” is when I feel exactly that: weak. The Lord has won many battles for me as the Holy Spirit led me to simply sit in His presence and let the tears flow.

The Bible talks of Jesus in Hebrews 5:7 and Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:4, and I see this was exactly what happened to them. Of course, it is not a principle, or something that you can just decide to do by yourself. It cannot be an emotional thing that you can just work up. But I am sure that this is a grace that God alone can give. He alone knows our hearts and only He can lead us to that place of humbling ourselves before Him; and at the end of it all, we are left praising and thanking Him for such a grace! If anything we do is not initiated by the Holy Spirit, however spiritual it might appear it is of no spiritual value.

The Church is not in a position to laugh now. We are in a position where all we can do is to allow the Holy Spirit to touch our hearts, and we will first allow God to change our lives; then He will commission us to go out and effectively reach out to a dying world. God will come down and He will move on behalf of His Church.

Let us end by seeing what this broken man of God accomplished. “Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.” verse 12

5 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit is Grieving

  1. Hujambo Pastor Zakaria, It seems like this is a problem worldwide in the Body of Christ. I agree with you it is demonic and weakens the Church. I think some Churches are so desperate for “revival” they don’t test the spirit behind it. Unfortunately there is a lot of it about these days, even in NZ. We were at a church that got into a “revival” that happened at Lakeland, Florida. I don’t know if you heard about that. We had to go through Lakeland on a trip to the USA to see my husband’s Grandmother (he is American), so we stopped to take a look. We found it was a lot of hype, and not the Holy Spirit. Our Church leaders did not want to hear the bad report we brought back. After that the church was severely weakened and merged with a much larger mega-church where we got prosperity doctrine!
    We’ve now taken refuge in a much older, traditional church where proper doctrine is taught and the Holy Spirit is welcome. My eyes tear up at this church. So I guess the lesson is we’ve got to watch our doctrine 🙂 Some of our brothers and sisters have left Church altogether but we’re not willing to do that, we need the fellowship and I’ve learned there’s safety in numbers. God bless, Jo.

    • Sijambo sana! Na asante! Your comment is such an encouragement to me. My dear sister, we are living in the last days, and the Bible warns us severally about the dangers of false doctrines in our days. But the most important warning is that in these last days, many of God’s people will have what the Bible calls itching ears. In other words, they will love to hear all the deception they are hearing, and they will no longer have the desire to hear the truth, which inevitably calls them to die to their carnal self. I thank God for you that He has held you ( and me!) in His hands and we are not on the road to perdition. Though the road may be hard, let us not desire another, easier one, for the road to heaven has no compromise. Those who find this way will be few, the Bible says so. One again, I thank God for you, so far in NZ, but seeing the truth. Let us encourage one another on this road. I love you very much in the bond of Christ.

      Your brother, Mwita

    • My dear sister, I am sending you a teaching which I ma sure you will identify with, but you can check a lot more info on this ‘ministry’ at You will get a lot more there about that road which the church left long ago. 01 One Day we will all give an account to God.mp3

      • Thanks. I’ve been to the website. I can’t find the audio on 01 One Day we will all give an account to God.mp3 amongst the messages, but if you send me the link I’ll download it 🙂
        God bless, Jo

      • I am very sorry you have not been able to get the audio for the message I sent you. Ok, let me try to get the link for you, I am not very computer literate myself, but i will find some guys who will help me.

        By the way, I have been with this ministry for roughly 18 years, and they are as solid as a board, doctrinally speaking. Even right now I am here in Mauritius at their invitation, and my eyes are being opened to see the reality of the gospel more, particularly through the kind of lives they live.

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