The Ministry of the Apostle – Part 1

1Co 14:33  For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

The keyword here is ‘confusion’. Let me first set a background to this. In Ephesians 3:15 Paul talks about “the whole family in heaven and earth”. He is talking about God’s family, the Church. The Church is a family. In every family, it is the ministry of the father to maintain order. In the Church the apostle is the father.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has the title ‘Apostle’ is a real apostle, or even understands the ministry of the apostle. I will go even further and say that a true apostle would most likely not put the title ‘Apostle’ before his name. The five-fold ministry is not about titles. You will notice that even though Paul introduced himself severally in his epistles as an apostle of Jesus Christ, he never once calls himself ‘Apostle Paul’. When Paul says he is an apostle of Jesus Christ he is making a spiritual statement. Titles are meaningless when it comes to the things of the Spirit. A title is important when someone has nothing of the Spirit in him. He feels he needs a bulwark of some sort and titles are powerful tools in the flesh.

In these last days when God is restoring the Church, Satan is also raising counterfeits. The ministry of the apostle is the most important ministry in the Church and Satan knows that. That is why today there is a glut of ministers carrying the title ‘Apostle’.

But we must be serious and understand why God put the ministry of the apostle in the Church. He put this ministry so there would be order in the Church. No other ministry had the spiritual authority to write what Paul wrote to these churches.

The apostle is the father of the Church. Where the ministry of the apostle is at work, there will be order in the church. There will be sound doctrine in the church. Where there is no sound doctrine there is no order; and where there is no order there is confusion.

That is why Paul, through the anointing of the ministry of the apostle that was upon him, was able to put order not only in the Corinthian church, but in all the churches that he ministered to. He says: “as in all churches of the saints”.

Paul talked about how different ministries ought to operate in Church; he taught about the place and role of a woman in Church; he talked about the relationship between husband and wife; about widows; money; he confronted sin in church and showed how to deal with it. Paul even talked about how people ought to sing and pray in church! He talked about how people ought to behave in Church and how things ought to operate in Church.

The Church needs order. The Bible says clearly that God is not the author of confusion. But today even a blind man can tell that there is so much confusion in churches. If one were to list the things that are disorderly in church, that list would be endless.

Confusion means that everyone does whatever they feel they need to do. There is no spiritual direction and no single Godly vision. Each one thinks they have the ‘Vision’ and they go ahead and do whatever they feel they are called upon to do. Everyone is doing their own thing in church “in the Name of Jesus”.

Needless to say, in that kind of atmosphere, the flesh has a field day! You will find every kind of the manifestations of the flesh in Church. And, since the flesh is the door for Satan to control people’s lives, there will be all kinds of strange doctrines in Church, even demonic ones. In one church in our city, the lead actor is a popular local TV comedian. That is the state of the Church today.

I thank God so much for the ministry of CTMI. Through this ministry I have come to understand about the apostolic ministry, the revelation of the Church, law and grace. Grace, not law, is what came through Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross. Most important of all I have come to experience the life-changing power of the gospel through the five-fold ministry, which is only found in this gospel of the revelation of the Cross. I may still be weak and struggling on the road of the Cross, but that is of little consequence compared to the fact that I am, at last on the right road. I praise my God for this grace. The revelation of the Cross and all it entails is the foundation of the Church.


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