A God-fearing Heart

My wife is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. If she ever thought of entering the fashion world, fashion history would be re-written. Subsequent to this, of course, is the sad fact that this blog would cease to exist. With the kind of money my wife would be getting as a top model, I would not be sitting here wearing out my fingers on this blog. I would be in Hawaii or some such place, learning to surf.

Those who know me for the vain, pompous fellow that I am will naturally assume that I must have traversed the world looking for this beauty of a woman. Fortunately, no; I did nothing of the sort. In fact, I did nothing at all. I neither raised a finger “nor”, as Captain Hook would say, “a hook” in securing my lovely Flo. I did not even send anyone to go searching for such a woman as her. She just happened to be passing by our town and Pastor Amas got wind of it and the next day he burst into my office and exclaimed quietly, “Mwita, I got someone for you!”

Unfortunately, those were the days when girls in church did not think much about a born-again fellow who wanted to get married. Their thoughts were all on serving the Lord!

After close to 20 years in being married to her, today I appreciate my wife’s beauty more than ever. And yet… a time arrived when I began to wonder whether there was not something else apart from her physical beauty that caused my interest in my wife to remain so unfazed despite the passing of time. You see, the Bible says in Proverbs 31:30 that “beauty is vain”, which means it fades away with the passage of time. Which therefore means there must be something beyond physical beauty that would sustain a relationship for any length of time.

I came to realize there was. Her heart! That was it! I discovered that my wife had a golden heart (a heart that fears the Lord) and that this was what attracted me to her like a fly to a spider’s web.

There is something about the human heart that is beyond the physical aspects that we see about a person. The Bible concludes it this way: “but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.”

It is amazing that God, the Creator of all things, looks only upon our hearts. It is presumptuous for us to want to look at anything else in a person besides their heart. I am glad I am satisfied with my wife’s heart. She may not be an angel flying about on golden wings, but she has the kind of heart that makes me want to praise her.

The heart is the most beautiful thing in a man. The Devil knows this also, hence the heart is the place where he wages his most dangerous warfare. He corrupts the heart. Christ came to cleanse our hearts.


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