The Power of Humility – Chronicles of a Bus Conductor (Pt. 2)

(I have modified the title of both this and the previous posts because in both I am talking about one person – a young, Muslim bus conductor. The accounts I am narrating here are true. I witnessed them with my eyes.)

A week or so after I had witnessed the conductor choosing not to fight that woman in the bus, I met him again, in a completely different scenario. This time, a group of us was driving to a function in a brother’s car. We were approaching an intersection when I noticed, just ahead of us, that vehicles had stopped. We were supposed to have the right of way at this intersection so, ever curious, I checked out the window to see what had caused this mini-traffic jam.

My heart beat with excitement – or was it fear? – when I saw the same conductor helping two children who, it appeared, had remained stranded, unable to cross the 4-lane road. He was holding them by the hand and slowly leading them across. This is something I have never seen a conductor do here; and I guess everyone else found it somewhat unusual because all cars on both sides of the highway stood still till the conductor had taken the kids across. By the time they had crossed over, the lines of cars had stretched for quite a distance both ways but, as if to salute the man, no vehicle made a move until the conductor had crossed back to his bus.

Once the kids had safely crossed over, the man quickly raced back to his bus, his sandaled feet hitting hard at the tarmac, and we heard the bus begin to move.

As the traffic began flowing once again I was trembling as I spoke to my fellow passengers in the car: “Guys, mark that man; there is something I want to tell you about him!”

I attempted to narrate to them the incident of that particular conductor with the woman who had insulted him. Having witnessed the conductor’s remarkable behavior once again with the children, the story registered deeply with each one.

Someone once said, “I have met a lot of non-Christians in church, and that’s not a judgment”.

I will also say this: I have met a lot of wonderful, loving people outside of church, and this makes me wonder whether we who consider ourselves Christians are not taking the grace of God for granted. Let us fear and tremble lest we be found fruit-less at the appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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