Abortion Stigma: Emily Letts and the Mark Left Behind

There is hope for every one of us… please read to the end.

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Abortion rights activists have begun a new campaign, one that is designed to erase the negative social “stigma” associated with abortion.  As part of the push, the Abortion Care Network sponsored a “Stigma Busting Video Competition,” and I’m sure by now you have already seen one result of that competition:  Emily Letts’ bizarre video of her abortion procedure.  Emily, who says she was inspired to become an “abortion doula,” says that she wanted to do the video to help women get over the guilt that “our society breeds.”

I don’t entirely blame Emily for her distorted view of where abortion guilt is coming from.  After all, she is only a pawn, albeit a fully knowledgeable and intelligent pawn, being used by the abortion industry.  She is trying to be brave, and she probably believes in some ways that she is helping women.  Yet, her speeches on the video aren’t very convincing…

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