Interlude – Pray for Nigeria

Sometimes with the current distressing situations like the recent kidnapping of school girls by the Boko Haram in Nigeria, one finds it difficult for one’s thoughts – or heart – to focus. This kidnapping is no less an atrocity than all the other injustices going on in the world, but its scale and magnitude make it particularly horrendous.

And yet this and other such acts of barbarism remind us exactly the world we are living in – “this present evil world” (Gal. 1:4) – and our responsibility becomes all the greater. We live in an evil world indeed, and that’s all the more reason to “put on the Lord Jesus” fully. Somehow, one way or another, these things demand our attention and action for we are the light of the world.

If we can do nothing else, at the very least we can pray and trust God for the safe return of these girls to their families, and in the meantime that He may protect them from the evil purposes of their captors.


5 thoughts on “Interlude – Pray for Nigeria

  1. What action to do see as helpful? I’ve read posts about supporting those who are already doing well in this field, which seems to make sense. However, perhaps a situation like this gives an opportunity for more to be done.

    • For us Christians everything is a spiritual affair. The first thing therefore for the church to do is pray. Our battles are won on our knees. But God also requires us to be practical in our faith, so if there is an area where we can find ourselves able to help we should not hesitate joining in.

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