God on WordPress

My last post was titled, “God’s Patience”. I had not set out to write anything remotely related to the patience of God and yet, when the post was done, that was the title that I felt I should give it.

On reading my fellow bloggers posts on the same day, I found not less than 4 or 5 of them dealing with patience. I was struck by the ‘coincidence’ of it all. But on thinking more on it, I realized it was a confirmation that God is at work on WordPress.

That took me a step further also in realizing that it is all about God and not us. It is futile to want to see as many ‘Likes’ on our posts as other bloggers get. The very fact alone that God is involved in what we are doing should make us rejoice exceedingly!

The fact of God working in and through us is infinitely of far greater value to the Body of Christ than we wanting to make any ‘points’ that we might think we have.

And that should spread the fragrance of the love of Christ even more among WordPress bloggers!


[Below: Spread the love: Some sisters from our church in Dar es Salaam]



10 thoughts on “God on WordPress

  1. Your blog on patience and this one is planting seeds that will bring a harvest far greater than you will ever count – just like the stars in the sky. Maybe not today, but to God, a day is like a thousand years.

  2. This has been my experience also, and many times. It increases the sense of belonging with each other to the Creator of the universe.

  3. Amen!
    Surely, if one is a blood-bought, adopted child of the living God, we are here on wordpress at HIS prompting and we post what HE directs for His purpose. Our only desire is to be obedient to Him and the number of ‘likes’ or comments is not a boost to us, but means that hopefully a number of people may have read His message. All praise to Him!

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