A Celebration of Life!

I have many special women in my life (in the spiritual sense, of course), women whom I love with all my heart in the Lord and who equally cherish me. But there is no doubt about the fact that, apart from my wife Flo, none has a more special part in my life as “Cucu S.D.” Her real name is Eunice Manyama, but we nicknamed her “Cucu”, a Kenyan word meaning “grandmother”; S.D. are the initials of her husband’s name, also a dear friend.

Cucu and I have that heart love that words can simply not express. It is an indescribable love. Just the thought of her is sufficient to make my day. With me and her, it is simply love at its best.

Since the first day we met it was love at first sight, and each day thereafter has been a celebration of that love. After we married, Flo came right in and fit perfectly into our love triangle. The Lord has granted us to enjoy many memorable moments together; not just we alone, but even with members of the church, since Cucu S.D. is an integral part of the church I spent years overseeing with Pastor Amas before moving to Dar es Salaam.

Having ‘known each other’ now for more than 20 years, our love has simply matured with time and today, more than ever, Cucu and Flo and I are woven together in an indescribably tight love knot which we can only ascribe to and thank the Lord for.

But, now that we are far apart physically, our opportunities for interaction have naturally been severely curtailed by circumstances and sometimes we can go for months without hearing from one another.

But the Lord in His grace confirms His involvement in the relationships that He builds amongst us, at times in dramatic ways.  About a week ago Flo came from Dar es Salaam, where she and the kids are, to visit me here in Singida. The morning after she arrived I was listening to a song on my laptop and I said to her, “I don’t know why, but whenever I hear that song I find myself thinking of Cucu S.D. I recall everything about the times we spent together! This song always leaves me feeling terribly nostalgic.”

Flo and I then spent some time talking about our delightful times with Cucu. We even spoke of how long it had been since we last heard from her. I had not heard from her for many months, nor had I called.

A few moments later I moved from the bedroom and was just beginning to prepare breakfast when my phone rang. Unbelievably, it was Cucu!

“Flo!” I yelled. “You won’t believe this!”

“Who is it?” she enquired.

“It’s Cucu!”

“Impossible!” she exclaimed. She scrambled out of bed and came crashing into my tiny sittingroom-cum-kitchen.

We settled down and after a long round of greetings, African-style (you have to ask even how the grandchildren are doing!) I deliberately asked Cucu why she had called. The profound coincidence had more than tickled my curiosity.

Was she probably aware that Flo had come to visit?


“Well”, she explained, “I woke up this morning and simply felt this indescribable feeling that I needed to call you – and I did!”

She was 500 miles away; the Holy Spirit had ‘connected’ us supernaturally.

But if Cucu thought she had given me a surprise, I was about to give her a bigger one. I narrated to her the morning’s goings-on in my room just a few minutes ago. She was stunned.

But so, again, were we!

[Below: A celebration of life with Cucu S.D. during my last visit to Musoma]

SAM_1422 (2) SAM_1430 (2) SAM_1433 (2) SAM_1438 (2) SAM_1439 (2) SAM_1440 (2)

5 thoughts on “A Celebration of Life!

  1. so wonderful…. and your photo collage is great – sometimes the assortment of pics tells so many extras to a story – and even the fabric the glass is setting on adds to the feel and mood of this tribute post. ❤ ❤

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