Behind Every Great Woman…

For those of my readers who loved reading about ‘Cucu’ S.D. (see my post, “A Celebration of Life”), I wanted to include an interesting piece of information about her then, but I thought the post would be too long, so I desisted. Today, on the eve of another one of my regular visits to Musoma to see my dad (which I have scheduled for next week) I felt I should take this opportunity to fill in some ‘meat’ in Cucu’s profile.
Cucu is a great socialite, her husband having worked for years as a manager for the national insurance company. But behind every great woman there is a work. Cucu Manyama has single-handedly, raw- knuckle-bonedly raised 6 of her grandchildren in her own house. Three are older girls, kids that I have known since the day they were born, but who are now all away in college.
She still lives with the younger ones, though – all boys.
Cucu’s daughters, some unmarried, live and work in distant towns and they wisely knew the best place to rear their children was with their grand (not-so-old) Cucu!
Cucu has raised her grandchildren extremely well, and they are some of the best-mannered kids on the block.
Here she stands with her 3 boys. ‘Little S.D.’, the eldest among them, is in the middle.

SAM_1445 (2)


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