Hurray For The Gospel!!

On the same day that I visited Cucu S.D., I also visited one of the pastors who have recently joined CTMI. About 2 years ago Pastor Eldad, upon hearing the gospel of the cross, realized the futility of the flamboyant but ineffecual charismatic gospel that he was preaching.
The Lord miraculously opened his eyes to see the revelation of the cross, and today he is one of the keenest preachers of the gospel of the cross in Musoma Town. His church, without losing a single person, hungrily embraced the gospel. Actually, that’s putting it mildly; that church’s response to the gospel could be best described as a revolution. (You couldn’t blame them, they had been battered almost to death by the false gospel of prosperity that the pastor and their denomination had been pounding them with for years!)
Behind every successful man, though, there is a woman. (That’s why the Bible says that a bishop must be the husband of one wife; in other words, a bishop must be a married man. But that’s another topic, for another day.)
Eldad’s wife has a heart of exquisite beauty – and that’s for fear of overstating it. Hers is another compelling story which we might find time to share in the future.
[Below: Eric (in red shirt), one of our local pastors, was he who took me around on his motor-bike]

SAM_1451 (2) SAM_1464 (2) SAM_1465 (2) SAM_1468 (2) SAM_1470 (2) SAM_1472 (2)


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