They say opposites attract each other. That’s me and my wife. I happen to be the stingiest, miserliest fellow on earth. At least, that’s what I believe and you would sooner move a mountain than convince me otherwise. Just the thought of a visitor coming to visit our house can leave me sleepless at night, trying to “balance accounts” – how much should we spend, etc. The less, the better.

My wife, on the other hand, never takes such considerations to mind. My wife loves entertaining visitors. She also loves cooking. And she loves shopping (if such a word can be used in our less-than-a-dollar-a-day family budget). When it comes to spending, my wife is on “permanent no-holds-barred” mode. I often jibe her, “The way you spend, you were meant to live in a king’s house!”

She can spend a month’s salary in one day, and that’s a fact.

As a matter of fact, if she had her way, Flo would spend all her life in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining visitors. Which, needless to say, would send me to an early grave through heartbreak.

But truth be told, I long for a heart like hers. But we walk by faith, and I am trusting to arrive there one day. What a day that will be!

Recently when I was in Dar es Salaam, our long-time sister and friend, Teddy, called to visit. She is family, and we were happy to see her. Just before she arrived, Flo and Joe went ‘shopping’, and when they came back they got into action in the kitchen…

I stood afar and took a few snaps. For now the pics might come in handy as evidence when the money runs out.

Image4479 Image4483 Image4485 Image4486 Image4527


2 thoughts on “Hospitality

  1. awesome – and Flo rocks! what a heart and what a gift to be hospitable – and I like this post amigo – have a nice day…. and hugs to Flo from me ❤

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