Stop Press!!

There is something that I really feel bad about, and it has weighed on my heart for a long time. I have many blogs on my “Following” list. They are blogs which I truly want to “follow”, to like and to comment about.

Unfortunately, I live in a very rural town and the internet here is nearly always down. So, actually, much of the time I only have enough time to post an article, and the internet is out. For this very reason, it would be impossible to respond to all my fellow bloggers’ posts, even if I had the time to do so (I am a night owl, so time is not a problem with me).

I felt I needed to get this off my chest because I really admire all of these blogs and I know I am truly missing out a lot by not reading them. But again, blogging is also about communicating, and I do not want my fellow bloggers to feel as though I am acting out as being so important I cannot comment or like their posts.

I love you all. May the Lord bless you all. You are precious in God’s eyes, and any situation you are going through should not rob you of that truth.

[Below: With my two lovely – and very loving – neighbors…

Snapshot_20140511_38 Snapshot_20140511_41

… And the kids who come to watch Bible cartoons (and Cinderella!) on my laptop]

Snapshot_20140615_103 Snapshot_20140615_115

5 thoughts on “Stop Press!!

  1. For different reasons I have been in the same position. And I know I’m missing out, but God must also have a say in technology, not just biology. However, the connection of human spirit to human spirit through Paraclete surpasses mere knowledge. I treasure your posts and am delighted any time you find time for what God leads me to write.

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