A “Cross” New Year!

The title there is not intended to make anyone cross. It is my way of saying “Happy New Year!”

To all my beloved brethren in the Lord, I wish you a happy and blessed New Year, 2015. I wish it to be a year where we all, you and I, will come to understand and live the revelation of the cross in our hearts as the Lord Jesus gave it to the Apostle Paul and the Early Church.

On a personal level, I thank everyone who took so much as a peek at this blog. Every “Like” and every comment was of great encouragement to me. May the Lord repay you for your love and kindness!! There were those who took it upon themselves to be especially close to me. I am especially thankful!

To those dear bloggers whom I was not able to show my support in word or deed, I sincerely ask for forgiveness. I certainly ought to have done more, and I pray that in the New Year I will be more of a giver than a receiver of love and support.

May the love of Christ encompass you all. I love you!

Your brother,

Zakaria Mwita.

[Below: My laptop, too, has been of inexpressible help in the running of this blog!]


6 thoughts on “A “Cross” New Year!

      • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your prayers. I could use all the strength that I can get for what I face… but I know that God goes before me and He stands behind me. We serve an awesome God!!

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