Grace – Part 2

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. Gen. 5:24

Enoch, the Bible says, “walked with God”. What does that mean? Pray, how does one walk with God?

The way this phrase is put in the Bible, it talks of fellowship. It talks of two people who are completely agreed, completely as one. If God is a God of grace, then for someone to “walk with” Him, it would only mean one thing: that the man (or woman) who “walked with God” was loaded – loaded with grace! Enoch, therefore, was a man of grace. He was full of the grace of God!

Because Enoch had so much grace, he daily walked in fellowship with God. Every day, he was able to please God. He did and thought and said things that immensely pleased God.

There are people who think that being a worship leader or being a pastor pleases the Lord. No, it does not; and certainly many of the things that we are or that we do do not please God.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt exactly what pleases God. What pleases God is when we are carrying His grace in our hearts. That pleases God more than anything.

I am not certain, but I don’t think there is anywhere else where it is stated in the Bible that someone “walked with God”. It probably also is not important for us to know whether or not Enoch was the holiest person who walked on the earth, given that no account of his life is written in the Bible. But to read in the Bible that he walked with God, we can only conclude that this man lived an immensely exemplary spiritual life.

One can only walk with God if that person has grace! You cannot walk with God if you are a person of, or under law, or if you are a sinner. God loves sinners; but He is not going to shake any sinner’s hand and pat them on the back and tell them we shall meet on that wonderful shore. No. On the contrary, God tells that person to repent, and to turn from his evil ways. That’s God’s grace at work. But people today are foundering their own versions of grace, where God loves the sinner so much He is going to overlook their sins even if they don’t repent. But that’s trying to make God senile, and God certainly is not senile.

As far as I know, only the blood of Jesus washes us of our sins, not any ridiculous form of love.

In the third part of this rendition, we will see exactly what grace is.

And now, with Enoch, suddenly, one day, “… he was not; for God took him”.

This proves that Enoch walked in the grace of God while he was here on this very earth. The phrase “… he was not” means he disappeared – disappeared from the earth.

There are believers today who are “hibernating” spiritually down here, somehow misunderstanding scripture and waiting for that grace to be revealed in some distant time capsule, or in heaven. But that’s a big miscalculation, for we see that Enoch did not wait for such uncertain times. And he certainly did not “hibernate”. We see that while he was here on earth, Enoch “worked” the grace of God. Enoch walked and lived and worked in the grace of God.

And then, one day, God just came down and swept up this Enoch from the earth. Whether Enoch died a natural death of whether he was taken up alive like Elijah we do not know.

But it is clear that Enoch walked with such grace before the Lord that a time arrived when God got beside Himself with love for this man and He told him, “Friend, today I am not leaving without you. Let’s go away and live together forever!”

That’s what it means when the scriptures say that “God took him”.

The truly amazing thing in all this saga is that God took Enoch to go live with Him forever. Can you imagine that? Forever!! Most of us are in a such a hurry to get to heaven we do not pause to consider that if God is going to live with someone forever, the first thing He would do is to make sure – double sure – that He will enjoy that person’s company. That is what God did with Enoch; and you can bet your last dollar that God has the best measuring tools available anywhere.

Are we sure God would enjoy our company?

And so, at a time when men were living here on earth for close to a thousand years, Enoch lived only 365 years – and he disappeared.

“… God took him”. In other words, God was so enamoured with Enoch, so attracted to him, that He “eloped” away with him the way a man elopes with the girl he loves. God just couldn’t live without Enoch. He needed him up there with Him!

I truly envy Enoch.

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul – a true man of grace – says it were far much better for him to be in heaven with the Lord Jesus than to be down here. Words cannot express the fellowship that Paul anticipated on getting to heaven!

Let us now trickle down to us. Most of us live such legalistic and grace-less and sin-filled lives that, if we were to meet God face to face, there would be no pleasure in that encounter! Certainly not for God. I could be wrong, but I suspect that is why He is not in a hurry to bring many of us up to be with Him! He has no pleasure in the kind of lives we are living down here, how could He expect to be happy with us once we get to heaven?

There is, however, a small group of people whom the Lord does not call up to “be with Him” for a more positive reason. God allows these people to live long lives here on earth because He wants them to continue benefitting the church on earth. These are the truly grace-ful people. That was the case with the early apostles. And it applies also to the men and women of God who have impacted the church positively throughout history up to the present time.

Unfortunately, this second group is a very tiny portion of the total number of believers. A disproportionate figure is in the first category, those who are still around for a lack of grace in their lives. God is not a hurry to surround Himself with such people, and forever, at that! He gives them more time to soak in the grace that is all too readily available to them here on the earth, to be more perfected, so that when He finally calls them up to heaven, they will bring Him as much joy as Enoch did – and still does.

[Below: Where the grace of our Lord is to be found in men’s hearts there is love, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, and purity of heart. These were the things that Enoch carried in his heart while here on earth]


5 thoughts on “Grace – Part 2

  1. It tells us that above all else we should guard our hearts. Whenever I come across a command from God and Im not working on another one I first as how? how can I, in this instance, guard my heart? I heard that today on the way home from work and God is now telling me to carry His grace within my passions, my emotions, the warmth of my actions and in rebuke, and in all the things that make up the love that God and people receive from me. Thank you for being a vessel of Our Father, Brother!

  2. You are so right that people want to live by works to take credit for what they seem to achieve instead of grace, where God does it all and gets ALL the credit. On the humorous side, I guess I can’t agree with why God would decide when an individual crosses into the first death! I note that Enoch was young, compared to the other patriarchs. I also note that Paul prayed for the death of some backsliders, praying they would die before they so totally abandon God that they lose their place in eternal heaven. So I wonder, am I still alive because God isn’t ready for me, or because I’m humble enough God can still work through me? 🙂 Hm…

    • I am also not sure why we are still alive, David, but I am sure God wants us perfected before we get to heaven. The truly important question we need to ask ourselves is, Am I being transformed daily? Have I changed any much since I believed on Jesus?

      • Yes, is Jesus more in charge of my life, am I more under the command of The Spirit, am I more entrapped by culture or Christ?

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