Simplicity In Giving

… he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity Rom. 12:8

I just love scripture, don’t you? It has the noblest thoughts.

The Bible here exhorts us to give with simplicity. I just love that.

Notice that the Bible is talking about giving as a ministry. Yes, there is the ministry of giving. There are some believers who are good at everything, but you will never get a cent from them. In this group are some of the best preachers.

It is not that these people are necessarily miserly; it is just that they are not endowed with the giving ministry.

On the other hand, there are other people who just give and give. It is their joy to give and to see others blessed with the fruit of their labor. These are people who have the gift of giving.

The ministry of giving has nothing to do with one being rich or poor. Sometimes, when there is a need in church, people will look to the rich brother or sister and expect them to tackle the need. But that is not fair. That is putting law on people. But people ought to give from their hearts.

But, in giving, just as in other ministries, there are dangers galore. One area where one is most definitely tempted to blow his own big trumpet is in the area of giving. When you are a giver you are tempted to do one or both of two things:

  1. To feel some form of control over people or situations, and
  2. To let others know that you have given.

These are two big temptations, and they are all products of the flesh. But the Bible – the greatest Book in the world, the Book that was written by the finger of God Himself – exhorts us to give with simplicity.

In other words, if you have a heart to give, do it as if nothing has happened. Make it as way laid-back as possible. Since much of our giving is tax-less, don’t demand a receipt for every offering you make. Do not desire the church books to be filled with your name.

Above all, don’t make a project out of giving. This will draw attention to your “efforts”. And that does not give Christ the glory.

When we are giving, let us be simple as simple can be. I believe that when we are walking in the Spirit, we can do this. And Christ will receive the glory because we are not putting ourselves ahead of Christ.

[Below: Mother and daughter at a watering hole in Tanzania]

2 thoughts on “Simplicity In Giving

  1. Simply put, brother! In every way we need to be reminded of humility, for when we share the glory with God we can really mess up God’s holy project. I’ve been incognito for awhile, and plan to be back, God willing.

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