Preaching Christ Crucified

This morning I feel heavily indebted to my readers. It is close to three weeks and I not only have not posted anything on this blog; but I went “off air” without so much as a goodbye! I feel like I have insensitively abandoned my readers, and I wish to apologize to you all. I assumed what I was engaged in during this time was something the blogging family would not care to be informed of. But I couldn’t have been further from the truth. During the time I was “AWOL”, I heard a sermon that stated that we must realize that we are a part of the larger Body of Christ and not than our small groupings. That was a real wake-up call for me.

Anyways, the reason I was kept away all this time was that I was busy hosting a small pastors’ conference in my town of Singida. Myself, together with the small group of pastors who work with me here had organised this conference in order to sound forth in this town and its outer regions the gospel of the cross. As we well know, today the gospel of the cross is dead and buried and in its place men have introduced other variant gospels which have no power to deal with the church’s No.1 enemy – the flesh.

Our guest speakers for the conference would be our church leaders, Pastors Eli Mpule from Shinyanga and Eliya Amas from Musoma.

In Singida, we had sent out about forty invitations to pastors both within town and in the villages and we had asked them to come with their wives. The number of pastors who actually attended, though, was far less: just about twenty came. But that did not faze us in the least. The conference was a huge success, thank God, for spiritual success is not measured in numbers! Many of the men and women who came caught on to the spirit of the gospel of the cross and ever since the conference ended on the April 2, we have been doing follow-up seminars. This was what kept me away from writing.

One of the pastors who attended our conference comes from a village that is called, surprisingly, Germany. The reason for this peculiar name is because this village is situated along a road that the German colonisers constructred in the latter part of the 19th century and which they regularly used for their expeditions. The road is still there today. It has been so overgrown by bush it is no wider than a footpath, but it is still there and the local people still use parts of it.

This Germany was the place of our first outreach and Pastor Amas and I took a one and half hour bus journey to see the brethren who had invited us there. Being a rural route, such a long journey by bus is probably the equivalent of a 12-hour journey by jet plane! But our fatigue was rewarded when we found the brethren eagerly waiting for us at the bus stop. We were warmly welcomed and just that evening, against all odds, a new church was started in Germany.

Against all odds indeed, for throughout that night the elders of this particular pastor congregated together to oppose our presence there. In the middle of the night they moved from house to house to try and persuade the ‘errant’ parishioners to go back to the flock. But there is nothing you can do to dissuade someone whose inner eyes have been opened by the Lord to see the truth.

I am glad to be back. And I am happy and eager to meet once again my regular – and new – blogging friends. Thank you all and may we all strive together to serve the Lord in the Spirit, as it pleases Him.

[The conference…

The Sunday service…

And, finally, Germany.


2 thoughts on “Preaching Christ Crucified

  1. Praise God for your opportunity to provide a training time for Pastors. The Deceiver/Destroyer is at war with the Body of Christ every moment of every day. Every moment we spend thinking about earthly things is a moment of victory for the wrong side. I do not know how you are able to do what you do, but the calling is from God Who makes all things possible.
    We are not worthy to serve God, but we are made worthy by the victory of Jesus on the cross and at the empty tomb. God deems us to be worthy to experience God at work! We are worthy to follow God to do the bidding of the Divine Will. Whatever God calls us to do our delight is in the doing.
    May the simple Gospel, our humble lives and, most of all, the power of God’s Spirit make ripples (or waves, or tidal waves) of faith and hope that touch many lives. I know that even over thousands of kilometres you have touched our lives, unworthy as we are.

    • I can only concur with you that I, too, do not know how these things ‘happen’ on my turf. Firstly, I feel so unworthy to even be seen serving God in this manner; secondly, I cannot point to any one thing that I have done for all these things to happen. I am one of the people who can sincerely say that I am truly amazed at the grace of God. I therefore thank God – and all my brothers and sisters who have faithfully stood by me in spite of my unworthiness.

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