Thank You!

26 And when David came to Ziklag, he sent of the spoil unto the elders of Judah, even to his friends, saying, Behold a present for you of the spoil of the enemies of the LORD;

27 To them which were in Bethel, and to them which were in south Ramoth, and to them which were in Jattir,

28 And to them which were in Aroer, and to them which were in Siphmoth, and to them which were in Eshtemoa,

29 And to them which were in Rachal, and to them which were in the cities of the Jerahmeelites, and to them which were in the cities of the Kenites,

30 And to them which were in Hormah, and to them which were in Chorashan, and to them which were in Athach,

31 And to them which were in Hebron, and to all the places where David himself and his men were wont to haunt. 1 Sam. 30:26-31

The fact that we love talking of the good ways is a ringing admission that we in our generation have failed ourselves, failed our children, failed the world and failed God. The church especially has failed – failed to walk in the perfection of God and his ways, and thereby become a light unto the world.

The people of old whom we envy walked perfectly before the Lord. When you listen to the hymns of old, for example, you realize just how perfectly in the Spirit they were composed. The men and women who wrote them were saints in the true sense of the word. They were people who had met the Lord in the Spirit; and they took the time to sit down with the Lord and to meditate upon His Word and to hear His voice clearly before they would write down anything. Every line, every stanza, every word in their songs is full of the power and wisdom of the Word of God.

Today it is all a different story. It is more self, and not the Spirit, who dictates what we compose. The words therefore have no power to guide us in the strait and narrow path, which is the way of life. They are frivolous and full of our carnal desires. Listen to any modern church composition and try to put it alongside the songs that we find in such books as Golden Bells, Redemption Songs, the Baptist Hymnal and other old collections. There is no comparison whatsoever.

In the same way that it is with the church, it is even so with the world. In the olden times, people sang songs that had great meaning and value. In those days, the moral fabric was intact and people sang songs that celebrated the truly good things of this life. They sang songs that thought and wished well to your neighbor, songs of true love.

That is a stark contrast to the songs that are sang today. I got saved in 1990, right after the world ended (for the world ended with the ‘80s, literally). So I consider myself lucky. The present generation increasingly has no idea what real life is. And, along those lines, they also have no idea what real music is. Today they hear rap noise and think that it is music. They listen to such ‘composers’ as Kanye West, Tupac and other aimless people with such weird names as JayZ, Snoop Dogg, etc. And they think they are listening to music. But these looney tunes end up slowly killing their listeners’ souls. Sometimes, fast.

The real problem, of course, is that the present generation has refused to be mentored, so they have no way of knowing what is good for them and what is not. They do not know who to follow and who to keep away from.

That said, therefore, it is with a deep sense of honor that I present this track, which I consider to be the best performance ever of the most beautiful song ever written, to my friends. I dedicate this song to the longest list of people ever written – a list written on my heart, for no amount of ink or paper would suffice to write it. In any case, memory would fail me on this count. Were I to be given a lifetime, I could not number the people who have touched my life in one way or another. There are those whose passage in my life was but for a fleeting moment, but whose impact has been everlasting. There are some who have been and will continue to be a part of my life throughout my lifetime. None is less important than the other.

I could not help myself, though, and below I have put out a token list of people, or groups of people.  It is a symbolic list, as I have said and in no way reflects the value that I attach to anyone who has ever so much as crossed my path.

It is to Louise, and to Gilbert, whose ideas and encouragement brought into being this blog. But their love goes far beyond that. I thank them with all my heart.

It is to my elders in the Lord, whose love for me is unfathomable. May the Lord remember you.

It is to my brothers and sisters in the Lord in Tanzania. You know me inside out. You deserve the most words here but I leave you with the least. Thank you.

It is to my brothers and sisters in the Lord the world over. Needless to say, this list is endless. You are much beloved in the Lord. Let’s share the love.

It is to James Mwihia Kamau. It is to Mr. Joseph Ngugi. It is to my uncle Mwathi. It is to Mama Wanja of Ngummo Estate. You loved me with all your hearts, and each one of you has a story the world would not bear to hear. I have no words here.

It is to Frank and Carol Lanthier. You’ve always held me close. May the Lord repay you.

It is to you, David and Margaret (and Peggy and Melissa and Angela). You’ve broken forth upon my life. I thank you exceedingly.

It is to my siblings in the flesh: John, Simon, Samuel, Paul, David, Miriam, Margaret, and Prisca. Our childhood joys, and your enduring dedication and love, are ineffaceable. May the Lord bless you.

It is to my many friends in the world. Too many to mention here, and some long lost. It is to Ndiritu Njora, James Ndegwa, and Kairu David. It is to Mbichire George. I love you all.

Lastly, I dedicate this song to my fellow bloggers and to the readers of this blog. You all who span the earth from the Land Down Under all the way to the Arctic. I never told you this, but I feel deeply unworthy of the honor that you give me in humbling yourselves to even glance at this blog. I say that sincerely from my heart. Your encouragement is the reason I am here; you give me the strength (and reason) to live. Thanks Nat, Rob, Hope, Walter, Karina, Kristi, Mike, Andy, Laura, Terese, Lene, Deborah, Susan,… this list is endless. I love you all.

To you all people (hundreds of thousands, probably millions), I say this:

If anyone should ever write my life’s story

For whatever reason there might be

You will be there between each line of pain and glory

Because you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Thank you all!


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