A Friend In Jesus

Not too long ago, the Lord impressed upon my heart the importance of prayer. And, although I know it was personal, yet this impression has stuck with me so unrelentingly that I felt I should share it here for the sake of someone who might be in such need as I was. And the way God works is indeed marvellous and strange, for it is not I thought I had a need. But but the Lord impressed upon me that I ought to pray, and it was then that it dawned on me that I truly had a need – the need to pray!

Actually, the impression came in the form of a familiar song. On this particular occasion, the words of a song that I had sang for so long that it had become mundane to me became the sweetest words of any song that I had ever heard or sang! The song took me to a new level of faith, literally. Ultimately, I discovered that I had the truest Friend in Jesus.

Since then, I have shared this song with my family and with some members of my church, and although they are accustomed to singing it every so often, this time round I could see the power it had over their lives. So I thought, There might be someone out there, besides us here, who needs some encouragement in this regard. Hence my decision to share it on this blog. I share it with a prayer.

May the Lord bless everyone who has a need tonight and may He hearken to your cry. And may you discover, like I did, the meaning of the word “friend” in Jesus Christ.

5 thoughts on “A Friend In Jesus

  1. I am so glad I follow your blog. Your words regarding prayer are so inspiring. The song is one I remember singing at my church as a young teen in the mid 1970s. I could not help but sing along. I posted it to my Facebook feed. I am presently featuring a weekly series on my blog every Friday. I’m covering Nabeel Qureshi’s best-selling book “Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward,” with each blog post reporting on his 16 Questions. Qureshi is a former Muslim American who, after a long quest into the history of violence in Islam, converted to Christianity. I just bought his first book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” but have not had time to read it. I invite you to read my first and second posts and join the conversation. Here is a link to the first post from last Friday November 3: https://theaccidentalpoet.net/2017/11/03/answering-jihad-question-1/

    • I am sorry to have taken so long to respond to you; but you have been on my mind throughout. I thank you exceedingly for your kind words about my blog. Yes, I have read your posts of Qureshi’s book, and what I found of particular interest was the fact that Islam has become known as the religion of peace just as recently as the last century. The only surprise, though, is how people continue to believe in such a lie despite every indication to the contrary!

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