Jesus Hears – And Answers – Every Prayer

When you read the Bible, you get glimpses of the character of our Lord Jesus Christ. For example, it is clear that Jesus never shunned anyone, whether rich or poor, high or low. To anyone who called out to Him, Jesus answered. And, because He had all power, He was able to fulfill each needy person’s prayer. Interestingly, the singular request that Jesus refused to grant was the man who came to Him asking that Jesus go and be the adjutant in a case involving a piece of land. Jesus answered the man that He was not sent to divide worldly property. Jesus distanced Himself very far away from the material things of this world. This separation extended to His personal life. He had nowhere to lay down His head.

But, except for this particular case, Jesus respected everyone and He heard and answered every prayer. No one was too low for Jesus’s consideration. That is so much in contrast with many preachers today (and even during Apostle Paul’s time – read 2 Corinthians chapter 11). Many are proud and arrogant. After they have done preaching, they can only commune with a small clique of intimate people, maybe people of the same color as they, or of the same class in life. How so, so tiresome in the Spirit!

A few attempt to reach out to the ordinary person. And, finally, a very few carry a small or considerable percentage of the grace that the Lord had towards all men. The Lord Jesus saw all men as equal. But that’s so tough for us to do on account of the flesh.

But the lesson that we learn from this worldly ministry of Jesus is that, even today, in heaven, Jesus hears and answers each one of our prayers. He hearkens to the faintest prayer. Yes, Jesus hears every prayer that we make to Him. He hears and understands our every cry.

This very realization should not only give us hope in hopeless situations; but it should increase our faith. Jesus hears and answers our every prayer. If He did so on earth, much more will He hear and answer in heaven. I believe Jesus is greater in heaven than He was while on earth. We should go to Him full of faith, hope, joy and expectation in our hearts.

[Jesus hears our faintest prayer]


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