Affliction Brings God’s Grace

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness… 2 Cor. 12:9

Two days ago I returned from my ‘vacation’ in my home town of Musoma. Mine was not a vacation in the sense that I went boardriding on Lake Victoria or took excursions to the Serengeti National Park, both of which are local attractions. I did, however, visit a town in the Serengeti; but it was all about the church.

I had an incredibly wonderful stay in Musoma. This was one vacation I will live to remember. I ate tonnes of tilapia, had lots of free sightseeing; and I had some of the greatest company.

Among the people that I visited with while in Musoma was an old friend of mine who has been incapacitated for eight years. He is totally bedridden, and he has to be constantly taken care of.

His sister took me to see him. While there, we reminisced about the old days when he was a bus driver. We laughed when  we recalled how he could travel from Mwanza to Musoma, a distance of over 200 kilometers, in two hours flat. I watched the man closely as we talked and laughed. I sought to see the pain and bitterness at life that he must surely have been experiencing all these years. But I saw none of that. His laughter was free and clear. And he talked as if he was the most wholesome man alive.

Finally, he said to me, “Brother Mwita, I have made my peace with God. These years have taught me many lessons. But the greatest lesson that I have learned is how to be at peace with God in the midst of my sufferings. I have nothing in this life to look forward to. So I have learned to fix my eyes wholly on Jesus. And I have all the peace in the world.”

As I left I thought deeply about my friend’s words. He had changed a lot. In his younger days, he was one of the most problematic people. But now, I saw how affliction had changed him. He had learned to put his trust solely in God. With him, it was as God told the Apostle Paul:

“My grace is sufficient for thee…” (2 Cor. 12:9)

We can hardly claim the ways of God. They are so far apart from ours. Our ways lead us to yearn after earthly comfort; the knowledge of God, on the other hand, leads us to rejoice in suffering, for Christ’s sake.


2 thoughts on “Affliction Brings God’s Grace

  1. For months now (maybe longer) I have been searching for ways to speak about, deal with, teach on, the discipleship of totally following God in faith no matter what. This friend of yours has given me another way to engage in this problem of suffering. I do not want to make a philosophical study, but a search on how to live when life seems to be opposed to the person of faith. Again, The Spirit, links us.

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