A Man For The Lord

I never saw a man give himself wholeheartedly to whatever he was doing for the Lord as the late Jessy Dixon did. I thank Bill and Gloria Gaither and their Homecoming Friends for many things. They have been a great blessing to me and to my family as well. The songs they sing have enriched our spiritual lives in a way I can hardly express. But above all I thank the Gaithers for introducing me to Jessy Dixon. When it came to performing for the Lord, there never was a man to compare with him. The power and artistry that he demonstrated – the deep acuity of motion – coupled with the purity and intensity of spirit with which he sang, could raise from the grave any spiritually dead person!

My late mother did not understand one word of English. And yet one of her favorite songs was “Master, The Tempest Is Raging”. Whenever she woke up in the morning, she would ask me to put on that song for her and she would sit there quietly as it ministered to her heart.

The song, as sang here (below), is my tribute both to Jessy Dixon and to my mother. They had a kindred spirit.

The finale and the reprise to this song are extremely powerful (I would give all to know just what George Younce was saying to Jessy there!) You might need to watch the song 2 or 3, or even 4 times to appreciate its beauty.

I am of the view that sometimes we are so much in a hurry that we miss out on many of the true spiritual blessings that God has given us to enjoy here on earth.

A Song, “Morning Has Broken”


It is indeed difficult to say that I have an all-time favorite song. It would be nearer to the truth to say that sometimes the Holy Spirit puts a song in my heart for a season and at that particular time that happens to be my favorite song.

One thing there is no doubt of, though, is that I prefer singing and listening to the old hymns and spirituals more than the more modern tunes. Not that the latter are not equally spiritual, but you have to do a lot of rummaging to arrive at something truly spiritual. But with the old ones, they are all spiritual hits and they transport me to worlds unknown.

I thank God that at any given season in my life I always have a song singing in my heart.

At present, my favorite is “Morning Has Broken”. For close to a month now, I wake up and sing that song before doing anything else. I love the beauty of its poetry and its heavenly cadence. Many are the times I wonder where the writer got those words from. And I thank the Lord Jesus for giving me the strength to love this song.

I was taught this song by a Seventh Day Adventist lady from Florida, U.S.A. (Sometimes Pentecostals think they have nothing to learn from Seventh Day Adventists and vice versa but, barring some people’s emphasis of a wrong doctrine (in which we can help them with love), you will find extremely wonderful and spiritual people in every spectrum of the Christian faith. I am sure when we get to heaven we will be surprised to find there Pentecostals, Roman Catholics, Adventists, Coptics, Amish – and even a few pagans.)