His Name Was Malchus!

The servant’s name was Malchus. Jn. 18:10

The Bible is a Book of little people. Really, really little people. People like Gideon:

“…behold, my family is poor in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house” (Jdg. 6:15).

That was like, literally.

The Bible is also a Book of tiny, inconsequential towns, like Nazareth. Nazareth’s status was perfectly summed up by one Nathanael, who said, “Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?” (Jn. 1:46)

But no matter. For it was in Nazareth that our Lord Jesus Christ was brought up and henceforth His name would be associated with the town, as Jesus of Nazareth. Scripture had foretold that,

“… He shall be called a Nazarene” (Mat. 2:23).

Now here we read about this man, Malchus. This was the high priest’s servant whose ear Simon Peter cut off when they came to arrest Jesus…

I always wondered why this servant’s name had to be included in the Bible. It seems so innocuous. Why should anyone care what this guy’s name was?

I am sure, even today, that many of us read this scripture and move on without any second thoughts about its implications.

But this particular scripture has huge implications. It was put there – by God Himself – for a reason.

In that smallish sentence God was announcing, “I care!”

This Malchus fellow did not deserve anyone’s attention. Actually, he was an enemy. I wonder how you would feel about someone who was about to take away your child to go torture and kill him? There is only one word (or two)… VIOLENT OUTRAGE!!

The whole world would consider you crazy if, instead of pumping the fellow full of bullets, you took a photo of this murderer and you framed it nicely and you put it in a prominent place in your living room. Then, whenever someone came in you would tell them, “I love this guy. That’s why I have put his photo in my living room.”

If you did that, people would conclude that your mind had snapped, out of sorrow. They would not understand nor believe your words.

But this was exactly what God did with Malchus. God is the author of the Bible, and He took the name of the man who had come to arrest His Son and personally wrote it in the Bible, thus introducing him to us. In writing Malchus’ name in the Bible, God introduced him to His family, the church. Now we all know Malchus. He is God’s special friend.

God cared enough for Malchus to have his name written in His holy Book, the Bible.

It does not matter that he came up as an enemy of Jesus. After Jesus healed him, he must have gone back a deeply changed man. I have a strong feeling that we will find him in heaven.

God cares. God cares about everyone. He cares especially for those who have no one to care about them. God’s love is so great the human mind cannot fathom it. His mercy and compassion know no bounds. Yet it is God’s very heart – a heart of sacrifice – that we as His children are to carry towards a needy world.

[In the perfect Biblical setting, everyone can express their mind freely because the love of Christ is there]